It has been said the only thing certain in life is change itself.  Some changes are more easily managed than others.  Some people are better able to handle change than others.  Sometimes change just happens, at other times change comes about because we seek it and make it happen so we can enjoy a happier, more satisfied life.  Whatever the reason for your life change or transition, New Directions can help.  

We specialize in working with couples and trauma.  We do work with children and adolescents but require parents to participate in the therapy process.  We are especially skilled in helping people through divorce.  New Directions is your best chance to get on the other side of divorce with minimal damage to your family and finances.   It's smart to use your attorney for legal matters and a counselor for emotional matters. 

New Directions provides individual, couples, or family  counseling for an an array of personal problems. Life coaching is offered to help you make lasting changes in your life, set and meet important goals, and to get the life you want.  Family Mediation is offered as an affordable, collaborative option for reaching agreements in divorce.  Co-parenting counseling is for high conflict divorced parents who have difficulty communicating and parenting their child or children between the two homes post divorce. It is often recommended by the GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) or ordered by the court.

We work with you to develop a specialized treatment plan to meet your specific need.  At New Directions the client is always in charge and the treatment plan will only include  techniques and  modalities agreeable to the client. 

We accept most insurance.  The client is responsible for their deductible and co-payments.  Payment is expected at time of service.  Please contact your insurance company to make sure you have behavioral health care coverage and to get any per-certification that may be required, and inquire as to your copay and deductible status.  The number to call for behavioral health is often on the back of your insurance card.  Please remember, your insurance company requires a clinical diagnosis be given in order to pay for services.      

Marriage/Couples Counseling - when you want to try to put your marriage back together, stop fighting and hurting each other, improve your communication and problem solving, or just enrich your relationship.  When cheating is an issue, our philosophy is that the cheating (although not endorsed) is not the problem in the relationship, but rather a symptom of a problematic relationship.  I work with you to identify the problems and give you the tools to repair.  
$125 per 50 minute session*

Individual Counseling - to help you cope with the emotional drama of divorce, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, emotional triggers, or other life issues.  We work with you to develop and individualized treatment plan specific to your needs.  
$125 per 50 minute session*

Individual Coaching - to help with decision making, maintaining focus, and staying on track.  Also provides support and encouragement.  
Fee negotiated individually.**

Family Mediation - when you are having difficulty agreeing on property settlement, child custody, support, or visitation issues. 
$175 per hour scheduled in 3 hour increments, payable in advance and split by the parties. Includes time spent in creating and delivering court paperwork. 

Co-Parenting Counseling - to ensure consistency in parenting for your children between your the two households.  We will help you and the other parent reach an agreement you can both live with that will also be best for your child or children.
$125 per 50 minute session

Family Therapy - to help minimize the ill effects of divorce on the family, namely the children.  We also help blended families run smoothly when you remarry.  Sometimes when parents don't agree, the kids are in charge.  We help you find the right solutions to address your specific family issues.
$125 per 50 minute session*  

Premarital Counseling - when you are ready to marry or remarry and want to be sure you get it right.
$125 per 50 minute session*

Blended Family - no bones about it, step-parenting is difficult.  Learn what needs to be in place to help it go smoother and keep parenting issues from becoming relationship issues.  Get support and education from a professional who has "been there done that". 
$125 per 50 minute session*

EMDR Therapy - simply the quickest, most effective, and safest  way I know of to resolve trauma.  EMDR is evidence based to be effective for PTSD, Panic Disorder, Anxiety, and some forms of Depression.  At first it seems hokey, but I have seen it work way to many times to yield awesome results for far too many people.  It is often what works when you have tried other therapy unsuccessfully.  Learn More
$125 per 50 minute session*

LISW-CP Clinical Supervision - Face to face supervision is required and is offered for $60 per hour.  Supervisor's experience has spanned well over 30 years and includes community and institutional mental health, rural social work practice, adjunct faculty, field liaison, agency administration, and private practice.  

*The first session, the assessment, will be $150.
**A complimentary 30 minute telephonic get acquainted session is offered for potential coaching clients, but only for coaching clients.  Coaching is usually conducted by telephone or videoconferencing.  Your insurance will not cover the cost of coaching sessions.

Be smart, get the help you need.  
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 We Address
  • Relationship Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attack
  • Blended Family Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Depression
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Life Transition Issues
  • Stress, Anger, Compulsions
  • Addictions

Most Insurance Accepted

Medicare Accepted

Most EAP's Accepted

Medicaid Not Accepted